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Workplace & Occupational Physiotherapy

work injuryWorkplace and Occupational Physiotherapy

Occupational health physiotherapists have a detailed knowledge of the interaction between anatomy, physiology, pathology, function and the workplace. They understand:

  • how an injury impacts on a worker’s capacity to undertake his/her duties
  • how workplace injuries can be cumulative, not just acute sprains and strains
  • how non-work related injuries still impact on the workplace
  • how to modify and adapt the worker’s duties to allow safe and sustainable return to work
  • how important that clear communication is conducted between medical providers, the worker and the employer

The role of our physiotherapist expands far beyond the assessment and treatment of injuries. It includes discussion with the patient and in some cases the employer in order to develop injury prevention strategies and to implement suitable return to work strategies.  The idea is to integrate physiotherapy with the broader goals of occupational health, welfare and safety.

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