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Back & Neck Pain

 Back & Neck Pain

Back pain is a ‘musculoskeletal disorder’ – Back pain has a wide variety of causes, stock3from picking up a heavy parcel incorrectly to spending too long in one position.  Feeling very anxious or stressed can make your pain worse.

Physiotherapy work wells for managing back pain. If you see one of our physiotherapists quickly, this can not only speed up the recovery process, but also prevent the problem happening again.

Our physiotherapists will find the reason for your back pain and look at ways to help prevent further problems in the future.  Treatments may include physical mobilisation, acupuncture, pain relief or a series of exercises to strengthen your back or a combination of all treatments to help you get back on your feet.  There is a strong emphasis or posture control during all activities to support your spine and prevent long term ‘wear and tear’ and risk of injury.

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