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Welcome to Cairns Physiotherapy Plus

Welcome to Cairns Physiotherapy Plus.  Our Physiotherapists are trained in assessing the underlying cause of movement disorders, joint, muscle and nerve injuries and then provide constructive, safe and effective treatment.  They use a range of techniques that will relieve pain, restore movement and prevent further problems. Discover more about ways to improve your physical health and movement by visiting one of our Physiotherapists today.

If it is a specific injury that you are suffering from, then we can hasten your recovery by assisting with the healing process. If you are experiencing reduced function, or simply wish to be more proactive in your approach to fitness, health and well-being, our team can assist by providing you with appropriate and suitable treatment guidelines in order for you to achieve the best possible outcome.

Our Physiotherapists use a personal approach to support patients in order to maximise their mobility and working capacities, and therefore build upon their independence and general wellbeing. Whatever your age or physical condition, physiotherapy can help you move well and stay well.

What makes us different is our approach which emphasises the need to set goals in order to self manage successfully. You can trust in our judgement, and know our Physiotherapists aim to create a stronger, healthier You!